Our society with all its gifts and freedoms also creates some new challenges for us as a society. Increasingly people find themselves working alone, raising children alone, being alone. It has become the norm to have our own house, our own computer, our own phone, our own everything. We value independence, not needing anyone, being able to go it alone and do things ourselves. As women, there is some good in this for sure. We can be alone. We can make our own decisions and build a life without abuse. We can choose our partner and our path. Certain imprints may be hard to escape completely though because we may continue to attract what we long to escape. This is the challenge. We need to change our energy in order to attract what we desire. And where lies the balance between being a separate entity, strong and independent and healthy, and being connected to the greater universe without risk of damage and pain? If we need to protect ourselves, how do we stay in the flow? There is beauty and magic in being connected to the world around us, despite it’s chaos and follies. If we don’t get trapped in the negative forces and energies, we can participate without being completely vulnerable. It’s a discipline to not get caught in the drama and darkness that some people live in. To be able to recognize these energetic patterns that are damaging in and of themselves is really important. And if you can tap into the energy that gives gives you more light, more love and more healing, there is no need to isolate yourself as a means of self preservation. Isolation is not the answer. If there is no actual physical threat, you can develop your energetic resources to keep you safe from psychic trauma. The first step is to move away from things that feel heavy and dark. Your intuition is your greatest asset. Start tapping into it. Trust yourself. Deep down, we know the truth, at least our truth. In my next blog I will talk about other strategies to break away from those imprinted energy patterns that keep us stuck. In the meantime feel free to contact me at for a free consultation.

The importance of listening

Things have sped up a lot with technology. Are we becoming like machines ourselves? When are things still and peaceful? Once we succumb to the pressures of an increasingly rapid pace, can we actually connect and hear each other truly? Where is the pause, the silence, the space to just be. Most often we multi-task, grab this and go there and it’s a race against time. Time seems to own us. It is our master and our lives are no longer our own. And because of this, our capacity for relationships diminishes substantially. How can we help and support each other when we are lost and trapped by time? Who listens to you when you really need help? Our capacity to hear the words and feel the meaning behind them is greatly hindered by a world that won’t allow us to stay grounded. People long for escape, from their own lives and themselves. Instead of life being a daily celebration, we look to the future and hope things will be different. But we could resist, choose something different, and fEEL differently. We know what our normal healthy pace is. We can stay healthy.There is nothing inherently selfish about needing to take care of yourselves in demanding environment. You can say “NO”. We can create energetic space that nutures us. What if that was the expectation instead of the exception? What if we took the time for each person and each task that presented itself? What if we refused to rush? Well if this was to happen I know we would start listening to each other. Listening creates openness, a sacred space. And this is where healing lies. In the connection of openness, there is an invitation for love and caring.

The Grind

People get sick, literally, from the grind. Its happening all around us. Does it even need to be defined? The thing that takes you away from yourself, your loved ones, and all the things that truly matter. It could be commuting for four hours a day in traffic to get to and from work. It could be a job where you never get enough time to recuperate from the stress of it. For many women the grind entails just too many responsibilities for too many people to keep the family functioning. People are having to think and do and be at a speed that is not natural or healthy for us as humans. It’s like we forgot we are still a part of the animal kingdom and need to be very much connected to the natural world. If we cut ourselves off from this, we cut ourselves off from ourselves and others. We can go on vacations, or retreats, or meditate and go to yoga classes. We can read self-help books, go for therapy or maybe just drink too much every day after work. Or, we could just say enough already. What would it look like if we started going at a natural speed, connected to the natural world? Imagine a simple vacation that lasted forever. Yes there are things that need to be done, but not in a hurry. Imagine lots of time to do things. Imagine creativity and joy along the way. What is your natural rhythm? What if we all decided not to go against ourselves and the natural world? What if we said no to all forms of exploitation and abuse? What are we willing to give up to live in a more natural world and how are we currently contributing to the trauma and exploitation to others? Who is suffering so I can live? Call me or email me if you want to explore this with the emotion code.

Loving yourself

How do we honor ourselves and others? How do we take care of ourselves in this world of getting and taking. We know there is more. Deep down, we know there is more. The trouble is that when we get too busy doing the usual day to day grind, we forget. And time goes by quickly. Our inner calling is still there but we don’t have the time and space to listen. To dream. Our dreams cannot become a reality if we have no time to nourish them. If we truly loved ourselves, we would carve out our truth with a sharper blade. And the carving would outline our passion and our truth, without fear of being called selfish. Women are taught to serve others. We are the caregivers. We are the helpers. This is not wrong. What is wrong is how others use this to further their own needs. We fill the cups of others and not ourselves. The challenge is getting back to ourselves. Let us not criticize others, for this creates pain. Let us just love ourselves enough to speak our truth, clear out the ruble, and energetically create a beautiful space ahead of us. The path of dreams, the kind we had when were young. And our eyes will shine again with hope as we become known for who we truly are.

Feeling Connected

What is connection? How do we feel connected? Connection is openness. You can see it in the eyes of others, or not. If you practice feeling open and smiling at the world around you, you will form a connection with all the people around you who are able to do the same. If you feel so shut down that you are the one who is avoiding eye contact and that sense of closeness, then you know that it penetrates every level and aspect of your life and leaves you feeling very alone. And feeling alone when you can’t connect with others doesn’t go away very often. For this reason many people resort to alcohol and drugs to bridge the gap. And for others, they might be so used to not feeling, that they don’t even know there is something missing. Some people lack an emotional quotient and do the best they can with that.
However, if you can connect with something around you, nature, animals, people, you can enter the energetic field of openness. You can practice little by little to become part of it. It’s not difficult but it involves a little trust. First, you need to ground yourself… which means no artificial substances in the body. Then you need to find some love and gratitude for anything that matters to you in your life and hold that feeling. As you hold and concentrate on this feeling, it expands exponentially. This is how we heal ourselves and others.