The New Connection

Its seems many pleasurable things in life can be used to enhance our human experience or destroy us. With the technology we have at our fingertips today, it becomes increasingly more plausible to create a false reality for ourselves and others. Its a never ending high school type facade of popularity, excitement and vanity. For some, its just part of the job. many jobs require people to use computers. For others it can become a form of slavery and/or an addiction. The important thing really is just to be able to turn it off. Turn off the computer, turn off the phone and remember that these will never be your greatest moments. It’s just a trick of trying to fill the void that will never get full. Texting will never feel satisfying like a good conversation. Netflix won’t help you make new friends. And if you spend too much time on the computer, it will literally suck your soul out and deplete your ethereal body. We have to work at connection in the modern world. Getting out and sharing experiences is essential to our well-being. Being in nature, being creative, looking into the eyes of strangers, doing random acts of kindness, being your authentic beautiful self, all of these things will feed the soul. We need to participate and we need to express things that matter. What matters to you?

Only One thing at a Time

So you have become more conscious about moving away from negative energies and tapping into your own personal magic. We are more powerful than we think. Staying away from negative forces is crucial now, to rebuild a sense of hope and inspiration. Remember when we were young and everything felt like a dream that could come true? Maybe it feels like a long time ago now and many things have you feeling trapped. So when focusing on your third eye energy that I discussed in the previous blog, going to that place of insight and clarity, I want you now to think about the one thing you need in this world to feel truly happy. Obligations and half truths can easily keep us just a small distance away from what we need. But we can forget that this thing that we need is non-negotiable. This is a true test of our own determination and strength. It is also a test of our relationships with others. Choose one thing and practice focusing on it using your eyes as a form of meditation. Think of this truth sitting behind your eyes. It is always there. Calling you to action. It is the soul that needs to be heard. Your spirit that must be nutured. What needs to change so there are no obstacles?

The third eye and finding joy

Much has been written about the third eye or the ajna brow chakra. Higher consciousness, enlightenment, out of body experiences, psychic abilities and other phenomena are associated with this chakra energy centre. I want to share something very practical with you about accessing this energy source for healing. To begin this practice it is best if you are alone, somewhere quiet, walking in nature surrounded by natural light. You put attention on your eyes. As you concentrate on your eyeballs you will notice an energy shift. This is very powerful. It gives you direction and complete mental clarity. After you have mastered that, you can then focus on your eyelids. Focus on both of them at the same time. Remarkably it feels as though joy is hidden there. It was tucked away and you never knew it. Now you are naturally moving into the third eye. Concentration has balanced your brain hemispheres and stimulated the pineal gland. Mental clarity is activated. Feelings of joy and euphoria are activated and the result is sense of universal connection which supercedes all else.

The Shadow

The shadow in us. The shadow in others. Negative energies are spread this way. Like a bad cold in the workplace, it just spreads from person to person and eventually contaminates everyone. It is one way we have failed as a species. We became abusive. Many people are abusive and don’t recognize the way they hurt others. This is the trouble with darkness. We know something is wrong but we can’t explain exactly what it is or how it happened. Our greatest strength and our greatest weakness are one in the same. It is the ability to adapt. We adapt to negative circumstance as well as positive. It’s a survival mechanism that can serve us but is often so self damaging. We need to recognize the shadow, the dark side of human nature, whether it is in ourselves from the pain others brought to our lives, or in others who continuously inflict pain. It is only with consciousness we can do this. It is easier to recognize it in others and move away from it, then it is to get rid of the smear someone else put on our souls. I referred to in my last blog as an imprinted energy pattern. This is what keeps us in the same place, unable to move forward. We keep attracting the same problems, the same pain. It is like the abuse never stopped and is still living within us. But there is a simple way to get rid of all of this. With every step you take away from abuse, from negative energy, from damaging circumstances, you build more light energy. As this becomes a discipline, this way of love and self care, you will become lighter yourself. And this is a different kind of power. It hurts no-one. It spreads to those around you and heals them. Choose healing yourself by not tolerating any kind of abuse or negative energy and you will become a healer who can help others.