Peace of Mind

Sometimes we really need to be alone. Totally alone. Pressures and expectations of others can be overwhelming. Add a little human tragedy on top and maybe some loss as well. We don’t have rituals to help us with this unless we develop them ourselves; people run, over-eat, work all the time, self-soothe with drugs and alcohol. What is it you do for yourself? How do you protect yourself from the people who can just chew you up, throw you off your centre, and put themselves to the front of the queue. What commitments have you made that impede your personal development. Our lifestyles and relationships need to help us with our stresses and make us feel loved and supported. We need peace of mind to function, focus, develop and deal. And we need to do the same for others. Our state of mind is one thing we actually have some control over. We must be conscious of not polluting our environment and the people who live there. We can make a difference with every action we take, every thought we hold in our secret world. And if peace is the goal, where do you start?

The New Porn

The new porn industry is accessible like never before and amateur based. There is an excellent documentary on this by Rashida Jones on Netflix titled Hot Girls Wanted. It was informative, and I was disturbed by what I saw for weeks afterwards. Hey, there is nothing wrong with consenting adults exploring kink or bondage or whatever interests them, but what this documentary deals with is the influence of porn on mens’ preference for sex or their preference in the first place which influences how porn is created, both of which are completely degrading to women. And for the women who have signed up to make money in the porn industry, whether they are operating their own biz from home and cashing in on a lucrative market, or being torn and semi-strangled on camera, they are also responsible for feeding this beast that continues to keep women subjugated and disrespected.

Fifty Shades of Grey

When Fifty Shades of Grey came out first as a novel and then as a movie, it was a real hit with women. I know this confused some of my male friends who thought women should have been offended by the S&M theme. For me it represented the romantic fantasy formula used by Harlequin Romance novels with a sexual edge added for excitement and controversy. The Harlequin story goes like this, a young attractive inexperienced innocent and pure woman with integrity falls for a rich bastard who for some reason never married or had any children, and after he tortures her with his cruelty and cynicism ends up falling in love with her and becoming a more sensitive and kind person. He of course never looks or desires other women and they live happily ever after. Wait a minute. Isn’t this just another version of a fairy tale? Except those princes never tied anybody up or abused them. They were just rich and she was just beautiful. Much more simple. When will women stop submitting in order to feel loved by men? It’s not about sex play or eroticism or pornography. It’s about power and inequality. How much “love” is there when women don’t give in to men’s expectations or demands? Ask yourself, is this what I really want and be true to yourself.

The Law of Attraction

There is a book called Law of Attraction by Michael J. Losier, that is an instructional guide on manifesting our dreams and goals. It is a very interesting concept that we energetically shape our realities with our thoughts. Certainly we have all had experiences where we have seen it happen. I find it helpful to neutralize my energy field in situations where I am having negative energy imposed on me. Neutralizing disarms people. Not putting any energy out, when confronted with toxicity, works really well. If you don’t know how to neutralize your energy field, you can just say something to yourself like “dis-engage” to cut the energetic cord. Practice this and observe the difference. Once you can dis-engage from toxicity, you can break old patterns. You can also dis-engage from your negative thoughts. Sometimes we are the ones doing harm to ourselves. We continue where others left off. Then when you are ready, practice dis-engaging and sending out positive energy simultaneously to the world around you, and within you. By changing your energetic field you will attract the major life changes you need to grow and heal.