The New Era of Exclusion-the Lonely Planet

If you are part of it you would never notice. Being exclusive is a new social norm among many. It’s the new cool and I see it a lot. I have to shut down myself it’s so painful. Well maybe it’s the city life and we are overwhelmed by the masses, or maybe you are shy and can’t engage socially with people you don’t know. This is not what I am referring to. I am talking about the people who choose not to engage in the universal energy field that surrounds us. The natural world is amazing. And we are only a small part of it. There is beauty and mystery everywhere. All we need to do is engage. Embrace it. Pride and humility are our teachers. Respect will heal the wounds of the past and humility keeps us open to learning from our mistakes. And it helps us forgive.

Giving with an open Heart

Its not easy to be open. To give without expectations. But when we are truly joyful and feeling trusting in the world we WANT to give. And in this dimension, the material world of  getting and the taking transforms into  something else. People talk about random acts of kindness. We all know how wonderful it feels when someone we don’t know extends themselves to us in a caring way.  A child smiled at me  passing by the other day. Our paths crossed only for a moment, but I was struck by the openness of this child towards me.  Many children today are taught to distrust strangers,  especially adults. And here is this child I don’t know showing me moment of true kindness and openness. lifting my spirit and reminding  me that everything we do matters.  This was a beautiful thing. Sometimes we open ourselves up to the wrong people. Dysfunction and violation make it harder to recognize the right moments, the right relationships, the right people.   We need to learn all over again how to be  able to look deeply into the eyes of another and know who they are. This is not a knowing of the critical mind or judgment or something driven by fear.  It’s a recognition of goodness.   And in that moment there is a shifting of energy that will raise the vibration of universal love and healing for all of us.

The Layers of Grief

We carry our grief within us in layers. Layer upon layer, we have to put the rest of our life on top and carry on like good little soldiers. There is little room, little space to share, little time to be heard and receive nurturing through our healing process. It’s uncomfortable. No one knows what to say or do and so we feel alone even when we aren’t. The message is clear. You can feel badly for a little while and then “chin up!” as if there was something wrong with feelings. Is it because we trigger the grief of others by expressing our own? Why is it so difficult to just sit with someone and share their space in sadness for awhile? Maybe it just isn’t in style to be sad. Look at all those happy people in the media that surround us today. Just buy yourself a brand new very expensive car. Get some botox and bigger breasts. Take some selfies and present your life as this fabulous adventure. Fake unfortunately seems more fashionable than ever. Being real is much much harder. Do it anyway.