Shifting Our Perspective

Carlos Castaneda described something called non-ordinary reality as a concept that embraced the possibilities of knowing within the unknown. There is no doubt that we can achieve this, with conscious effort and by challenging the realities we take for granted. The assumptions we make when we fill in the gaps often lead us to trouble or worse, dissent. And because we don’t like to be wrong, it is even more difficult to see a bigger picture when we are triggered. If we feel like we need to defend ourselves, it is impossible to see things from the perspective of the other person. The only way to reach the knowing of the unknown then is to respond before the response. Cancel the assumption. Ask a question. Know there are many perspectives and we can participate in every one of them, each creating a different outcome. Not an easy thing to do when we have been conditioned since birth to represent the views and values and lies of others. One can ask oneself “how do I know this is true?” or just ask an open question instead of getting mad. But as long as we are intellectualizing any subject, we will have blind spots. And as long as we perpetuate our negative patterns, we will be triggered emotionally. If we can’t see beyond and outside the pattern, we are doomed. Remember, there is always something to learn. And using our innocent childlike mind, we can access the non-ordinary reality, which in turn will stimulate our intellect and strengthen our relationships with others. Let the healing begin.

Rekindling a Passionate Nature

We were all so passionate at one time about life and living. Do you remember? Think back to when your true nature was at the forefront and you knew exactly what made you happy. Now all that is being marketed to us, in a bottle, in a car, in looking better, in being on top. Happiness is marketed in superficial things. Our passionate nature can not be inspired this way. Actually we need our passionate nature to survive these influences. Social standing would have us all believe in things that aren’t actually even good for us. And we could waste a lifetime on that. And yes, those pressure are real. We do need social integration and we do need a sense of security, and that is where it gets difficult. People will make you feel good about yourself if you buy in to the material world. The nature of the structures we have created merely reinforce this creating complicity and complacency. And the end of the week, you might just feel lifeless as your spirit never got any nurturance, but it’s hard to do otherwise when you need to provide for yourself and your family. And if we need these structures to survive, how then do we undo the damage of putting so much energy into something that does nothing for our creative centre? Well, maybe it is more about BEING than doing. We don’t need to give our power away. Don’t allow those systems to swallow you whole. Begin re-gathering yourself by expressing your passionate nature, and don’t let it hurt you that some people will feel threatened. Sit in that powerful place and be the lion that roars. With time, by your example you will free others to do the same. Someone has to do it. And as more people stop allowing themselves to be dumbed down and led by all this superficial glimmer, we will recreate these systems to reflect a more healthy and humane society. We don’t need to fight against anything, just be true to ourselves. And let that energy expand exponentially. This is the spirit that moves us and rekindles our passionate nature.