Creating the Life YOU Want

So many choices. And yet so many people are still unhappy repeating their rote obligations instead of taking chances, working for the man instead of for themselves, maintaining shallow relationships instead of authentic ones, and denying their creativity. We kill our own spirit by not honouring it. So many people are just numbing out, so that things will temporarily seem o.k. Slowly but surely this numbness is devouring us, and all because we forgot what we truly needed to be happy. Imagine a society where we created instead of destroyed, shared instead of taking and where everyone could actually fulfill their true potential. The systems that have been created, don’t seem to allow for that. Or just barely. Why do we have to do things the way they have been done, over and over again? Why did we stop playing, exploring, questioning, breaking the rules? When did everything become so square and regular and boring? Its hard to find people who want to have fun these days. Sigh.