The uncertainty of the times and the re-visting of old traumas

Well, life seems suspended in mid air at least temporarily. But we have technology that allows us to do many things without even leaving our homes. Many people I know, are still able to work, or receive government assistance, thanks to our leadership in Canada. Even homeless people are being placed in hotels which were closed because of the Coronavirus. As for the developing world, it is difficult to know exactly what is happening, but people who are not used to the comforts of the Western Hemisphere have a resilience and flexibility to deal with crises that the “1st world” lost awhile ago. They rely on their community because there is no government assistance. Beyond the needs of humans, it is a time of healing for the planet and for this I am grateful. Nothing else would have stopped us in our tracks from continuing to live the way we were living, doing great damage every day to our environment. For those who have suffered traumas in their lives in the past, this event can trigger and reactivate old wounds. Fear incapacitates and can create a far reaching social malaise. The mere thought of a contagious illness, can evoke a primal response driven by our need for survival, that can be aggressive or defensive at best. For the people struggling emotionally with old pain that is being reactivated with loss and isolation, please focus on your own wellness. Get the help you need to move through this difficult time, with love and support. Know you are being triggered. Know this will end. I hope we will evolve and create a more compassionate and less materialistic society. I do a meditation daily with the earth. I connect with her, and I can tell you … she is very happy right now. Blessings. I am doing long distance healing sessions for 40 dollars an hour for anyone who needs to relieve stress and trauma. There is no talking, only the energy clearing of stress and trauma in your body, mind and soul. Be well. Be loving.