The psychological price of isolation

COVID TIME Never has it been more important to be in family. And not surprising larger families, typical of the developing world are providing a sense of emotional security and well being that makes things feel more normal in tbis time of crisis, whilst the […]

Re-visiting Childhood

Aging parents and a visit. Hope. Forgiveness. A Glimpse of Love. A re-awakening of childhood memories. A greater understanding of defenses and the regrets that go with the ones I have yet to overcome. Mysteries solved after 50 years of unanswered questions. Does it make […]

Self Defense

Its all about betrayal. That is where our triggers come from. Real or perceived, it doesn’t really matter. All experience is subjective and far from complete. So our truth leads us into danger. As we seek to resolve our childhood issues..there is still a landmine […]

Strength in Uncertainty

Strength in uncertainty The best laid plans broken, is how many of us have felt with the impact of COVID-19. As the foreigners fled the small Mexican village where I spend my winters, upon the urging of their home countries and concerned family members, the […]

Trial Run

We are now being given the opportunity to re-invent ourselves. Will we step up and make the necessary sacrifices or not. Manifesting the world we want to be a part of without harming others and the environment could finally take precedence. Everyday I do a […]

Awareness of our Triggers in a sensitive time

The world has been affected by many things, ongoing wars but not in our backyards, planetary disaster, considered only to be of concern for hippies until recently, poverty and exploitation as per usual, and starvation ongoing. But now, we have a dilemma that confronts us […]