Sexual Abuse Unspoken

Adolescence. A time that should be cherished as exciting and new.  A time when young women and men need guidance and support as they make the transition into adulthood.

On the bright side, it isn’t acceptable to marry off your daughter to a man 20 or more years her senior, or to commit an act of physical mutilation as in some cultures, however many  teen girls in our part of the world suffer other forms of psychological torture. Things they are not emotionally equipped to deal with that scar them for life.

I remember when puberty arrived. I was thirteen years old.  I remember the men, mostly married and much older than me,  starting to pay me a lot of attention. I felt uncomfortable and confused. No one talked about it.  Whether it was the husband driving me home after babysitting, with alcohol on his breath, or the ugly fat bald man at the mall where I hung out with my friends on Saturday.  It was creepy. I felt self-conscious but I hadn’t developed any social skills or self defense mechanisms