Shifting Our Perspective

Carlos Castaneda described something called non-ordinary reality as a concept that embraced the possibilities of knowing within the unknown. There is no doubt that we can achieve this, with conscious effort and by challenging the realities we take for granted. The assumptions we make when we fill in the gaps often lead us to trouble or worse, dissent. And because we don’t like to be wrong, it is even more difficult to see a bigger picture when we are triggered. If we feel like we need to defend ourselves, it is impossible to see things from the perspective of the other person. The only way to reach the knowing of the unknown then is to respond before the response. Cancel the assumption. Ask a question. Know there are many perspectives and we can participate in every one of them, each creating a different outcome. Not an easy thing to do when we have been conditioned since birth to represent the views and values and lies of others. One can ask oneself “how do I know this is true?” or just ask an open question instead of getting mad. But as long as we are intellectualizing any subject, we will have blind spots. And as long as we perpetuate our negative patterns, we will be triggered emotionally. If we can’t see beyond and outside the pattern, we are doomed. Remember, there is always something to learn. And using our innocent childlike mind, we can access the non-ordinary reality, which in turn will stimulate our intellect and strengthen our relationships with others. Let the healing begin.

Hyper-Vigilance: The Lasting Affect of Trauma

Something can just happen that changes us forever. If it is a traumatic event, then all of our defences kick in and create a stress response in the body that can easily become a lifelong pattern. Any semblance of threat that is similar becomes a trigger to elicit the original response. Real or not, the body can not decipher the difference. All it knows is to release all those hormones to prepare for the fight or flight survival response. Different people respond in different ways. Some people need to keep stress at abnormally high levels all the time just to feel normal. Others may just avoid stress altogether by using drugs and/or alcohol, others re-create trauma by becoming the abuser, and some people just splinter off creating drama and chaos everywhere so they never have to feel anything real. Underlying all of these patterns though is a a type of vigilance that was activated and never was shut off. It is the same survival mechanism we would use in the wild for our survival, fight or flight is life or death. Calming our neurological system is the only way to move past the triggers that keeps us trapped in the trauma response indefinitely. Hands on work is best for many but for those of us who can’t trust enough to be touched, the emotion code is a nice option. Look at my webpage if you want more information.

Are You A Defended Person?

The Emotion Code helps free defended people of their emotional armour. But what is a defended person? It begins with surviving some kind of attack. Our system responds to physical and emotional threats in the same way. It is our survival mechanism. And if there isn’t time to heal before another tragedy occurs, the person may begin constructing their heart wall. The wall is protective, but also closes us off emotionally from being able to deeply connect with others. It is both physical and emotional. We can also identify behaviours we call “triggers”. Whether it is us or others making someone walk on eggshells, worry about things they say, a lack of physical openness or warmth, or a complete distrust of others, there are many signs of a wounded person. But I believe we can deconstruct the wall and learn to love and trust again. Remember yourself as an innocent child. And know this is truly who you are. Namaste
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When Innocence is Lost

Some women remember their first experience when the world was presented as no longer a loving and safe place. Some of us remember something that shocked and hurt us. For some women though, as children or as teens, they will remember incident after incident that left them damaged, hurt, confused and alone.

My first experience was when I was so young that I can not remember it. Maybe there were many.  I don’t know.  Our minds and bodies protect us this way. We can NOT remember anything but we know things happened. On a deep level we know.

The emotion code is helpful with this because it allows us to release those trapped unconscious memories without having to remember anything.

I had a session.  I felt split open and the tears and the trauma just flowed out of me.  I didn’t need to know what happened. That was the beauty of it all. And that is why I think this form of healing is perfect for dealing with trauma. Some traumas are best left forgotten.

Some women feel they have armour.  Some women have attitude… a protective shell that is more subtle.. Some women are teetering on a line between reality and the abyss of insanity. It’s hard to move forward.  How do we trust when our innocence has been stolen, or destroyed?

I remember the therapists I saw. I don’t think they helped me so much. They had too many of their own issues or secrets and they couldn’t help but project them on me. How do we get to the heart of the matter and release the pain so we can move on and feel open and loving again?  It is about us and not about anyone else.

The dirty smear needs to be cleaned off. The toxic energy needs to be lifted. The anger and confusion need to subside. We must feel whole and strong again.

Maybe the innocence will never be  what it was before those awful things happened, but our hearts can be pure again. We can love ourselves and know it wasn’t our fault. We can love the people around us more easily because we feel more gentle inside. We can go back to what we were and what we were meant to be.

Bless you.

Violence Against Women

Hi Kara,

I am writing from Vancouver. I received a treatment from you a week or so ago. You treated me for trauma with energy work and the emotion code.

I wanted to thank you so much, and let you know that I found our session to be very healing, and I really appreciated it. I have the utmost respect for your work and after months of trying different counsellors, one session with you changed how I felt my trauma was attached to my body-my body pain improved and emotionally I felt so much lighter.

Thank-you so much.

Abuse in the System

My name is Roberta. I am an indigenous female, born in 1965. I am a survivor of the sixties scoop. I’m the oldest of three. I did not grow up in my indigenous community. I did not know my family until I was in my twenties. I have had many traumas in my childhood and teens due to some abusive foster “caregivers”. For many years I felt like a victim because of the treatment I received in foster care. I rejected all types of counselling until my twenties, because I felt that wasn’t good enough. I’ve worked in Native Child Welfare since my early twenties. I’ve always felt that it’s something I’m supposed to do with my life.

I find my greatest joy at this time in my life is my children. I have three children. My oldest girl is 22, my middle is a boy who is 14, and my youngest girl is 12.

The emotion code that Kara has been guiding me through is very positive and uplifting. The experience I have received is something I never would have thought possible prior to working her. I am feeling more connected to myself and my emotions. I’m beginning to see things differently. My perspective on life is changing. I must say I am looking forward to living my life and not just walking through it.