Feeling Connected

What is connection? How do we feel connected? Connection is openness. You can see it in the eyes of others, or not. If you practice feeling open and smiling at the world around you, you will form a connection with all the people around you who are able to do the same. If you feel so shut down that you are the one who is avoiding eye contact and that sense of closeness, then you know that it penetrates every level and aspect of your life and leaves you feeling very alone. And feeling alone when you can’t connect with others doesn’t go away very often. For this reason many people resort to alcohol and drugs to bridge the gap. And for others, they might be so used to not feeling, that they don’t even know there is something missing. Some people lack an emotional quotient and do the best they can with that.
However, if you can connect with something around you, nature, animals, people, you can enter the energetic field of openness. You can practice little by little to become part of it. It’s not difficult but it involves a little trust. First, you need to ground yourself… which means no artificial substances in the body. Then you need to find some love and gratitude for anything that matters to you in your life and hold that feeling. As you hold and concentrate on this feeling, it expands exponentially. This is how we heal ourselves and others.

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