I was diagnosed with a scary medical condition that was possibly caused by negative lifestyle choices. Over the course of a few sessions Kara identified many traumatic feelings that related to different stages of my life that I had never processed. She worked on clearing them and made me feel strong enough to look at them face on and work on letting them go so I could move forward with my life lighter and freer. Even after the first session I felt a great sense of relief, slept better, and carried myself straighter. I realized I have been living in a defensive state for a long time. Kara has helped me to focus on positive, nurturing self-care, and to let go of patterns of self-destructive behaviour. Kara's work is powerful and her presence is very caring and kind. I feel lucky to have found this treatment. R.M.


Kara is a skilled and intuitive healer – I felt supported and cared for both emotionally and physically.  Her session was gentle, insightful and reassuring.  She zoned in on my trauma in a unique and non-invasive way that left me feeling restored, hopeful and empowered.   Days after my session and I still feel the benefits of a renewed sense of calm and a noticeable release of anxiety and tension. L.B.


I give Kara full marks for zeroing in on the exact location of a problem or weakness and doing just the right thing to bring relief.  I have suffered for years with recurring pain in my left shoulder/rib area  due to a nasty fall about 10 years ago.  Regular chiropractic treatments would bring the pain down from an 8 to about a 6, Acupuncture combined with chiropractic would drop it to 4 or 5.  After 2 massages with Kara I’m down to 2 or 3 on the pain/discomfort scale.  The improvement is holding so I’m very grateful and optimistic.  V.M.


The emotional code allows Kara to find the emotions blocked in my body and then through her therapeutic touch to release them and circulate the energy. I do not have the pain point in the middle of the back that I had for a long time. Kara is guided by her intuition.
Le code émotionnel permet à Kara de trouver les émotions bloquées dans mon corps pour ensuite par son toucher thérapeutique les libérer et faire circuler l'énergie. Je n'ai plus le point de douleur dans le milieu du dos que j'avais depuis longtemps. Kara se laisse guider par son intuition. N.K. 


I have felt overwhelmed my entire adult life. Working with Kara using the emotion code has had a great impact on my life. Within two sessions I noticed I felt less overwhelmed and was able to move forward taking action with more ease. With a few more sessions I started to attract more clients and generate more money for my business. Thanks Kara. J.A.


I am looking forward to retire in 18 months but the problem is I have become so obsessed with retiring that I have not been enjoying the moment at all. Meanwhile I could not enjoy life or my career at all despite promotions and recognition. All I want is out and to start my new life. In just one skype session with Kara she was able to connect with my emotions and give release to my terrible angst and I have found myself living in the now. I felt the change right away and I knew it was going to work for me. And now I find myself attracted to doing things that put me in the now. My mind easily returns to the session and I will feel Kara's energy grounding me in the moment. I am so grateful to Kara for this amazing treatment. Kara is empathic and caring and I felt comfortable and not judged for my problem or for how I look on Skype as I am self conscious about that- I felt like Kara and I were together in the same room. I am not wishing away these last few months of my career but instead enjoying giving attention to the legacy I wish to leave. Thanks for the turning point Kara!  G.W. 


I had the pleasure of receiving a long distance Emotion Code from Kara, and was intrigued when I was asked to work on multiple items at once. I was intrigued by the technique, and blown away from the results. As the session progressed, I could feel my burdens lifting, and was downright giddy at the end. I had a most awesome sleep after, and woke up feeling much lighter. I'm looking forward to my next session and would recommend Kara as a practitioner to anyone. M.E.


My session with Kara relieved my obsession with anger and disgust towards my Ex-husband and his neglect of our children. For 12 years I had been unable to think about him without hatred and spent many nights finding it difficult to fall asleep because of this. After the session I was able to get to sleep without any sleeping aids and I feel more peaceful. Thank you so much for alleviating my turmoil. The emotion code is really amazing. J.W.


After attending a session of the emotion code combined with an hour of massage therapy with Kara, I was able to feel the benefits in my body and mind the next day. My lumbar spasm that I had for more than 16 months has almost disappeared. I was able to stop focusing on the same negative and destructive thoughts that have haunted me about a member of my family. I recommend a consultation with Kara to make you feel more peaceful. C.L.