Abuse in the System

My name is Roberta. I am an indigenous female, born in 1965. I am a survivor of the sixties scoop. I’m the oldest of three. I did not grow up in my indigenous community. I did not know my family until I was in my twenties. I have had many traumas in my childhood and teens due to some abusive foster “caregivers”. For many years I felt like a victim because of the treatment I received in foster care. I rejected all types of counselling until my twenties, because I felt that wasn’t good enough. I’ve worked in Native Child Welfare since my early twenties. I’ve always felt that it’s something I’m supposed to do with my life.

I find my greatest joy at this time in my life is my children. I have three children. My oldest girl is 22, my middle is a boy who is 14, and my youngest girl is 12.

The emotion code that Kara has been guiding me through is very positive and uplifting. The experience I have received is something I never would have thought possible prior to working her. I am feeling more connected to myself and my emotions. I’m beginning to see things differently. My perspective on life is changing. I must say I am looking forward to living my life and not just walking through it.

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