Addictions and Abuse Issues

It’s not something there is a lot of discussion about. Is this because we still haven’t reached the point of acknowledgement of how addictions are connected with abuse and trauma? We numb out to feel pleasure and forget our pain. It only works temporarily though. It doesn’t change anything that happened and if anything, it just makes us feel more ashamed. Its like a deep dirty dark secret that has many layers. And only if we can stop hurting ourselves, can we actually get rid of that dark shadow that never leaves us alone. The shadow that makes us feel dirty and unworthy. Unworthy of love and tainted, we find it easier to ingest something that makes us temporarily not care, then to somehow put ourselves back together. And there are no easy answers on how to put ourselves back together. Therapy sometimes helps, and sometimes makes things worse. We don’t want to inflict our pain on others, it hurts again in a different way. And so we have to pretend. Pretend everything is fine, and that’s where the drugs and alcohol really help a lot. The emotion code offers a completely unique and alternative way for us to heal. It focuses on alleviating the need for self-harm. Because the answer is self love and self care. And you deserve it!

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