I had an urge to scream but I was sitting on a bus surrounded by people. What would they think? What would I think?

This had never happened to me before.

Whatever anger I had experienced in my life, it was certainly well buried in my unconscious mind.

I didn’t even know it was there.

That was why it would take me so long to react and respond if something terrible happened.  When I felt hurt or disappointed by someone I didn’t know how to process anger.  And now something had happened to me that was so big, so overwhelming, so much more than one single incident, that I could really feel this burning edge inside me.

Talking about what had happened,  even with my best friends didn’t help. They looked confused.  It felt like it was too much.  It was so negative, so disheartening, that finally I just had to stop talking about it.

I stayed single for five years.

I met a new friend at a job where I was doing massage.  She did energy healing and we decided to do a few trades with each other.  Sue did two sessions with me using a modality similar to the emotion code.  I admit that initially I was very skeptical.

But as I could literally feel her pull out chunks of blocked energy from my body as I lay there crying like a baby,  I no longer had doubts.

Afterwards I was tired, but the next day I could feel that my energy had shifted.

I am open now.

I feel positive and grateful in life.



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