Awareness of our Triggers in a sensitive time

The world has been affected by many things, ongoing wars but not in our backyards, planetary disaster, considered only to be of concern for hippies until recently, poverty and exploitation as per usual, and starvation ongoing. But now, we have a dilemma that confronts us internationally which only the privileged will surmount. Those with access to clean water, clean air, good hospitals, government assistance, a job from home, a car and a nice place to live will be just fine. But that is on the physical level.
The emotional implications are different. For those of us who have suffered great loss and trauma, the Coronavirus represents much more than a period of social isolation and life adjustments. Trauma upon trauma hurts so much more. People who have worked hard to resolve their past pain and suffering will be hit much harder, in conversations, by the news, in their time alone, and in their intimate relationships. This is inevitable. And so while some people will be worried about their next meal, some people will be holding on tightly to their sanity. Please remember that despite all the hype and fear mongering that some people seem to thrive on, this is a situation that will get better. Do not allow this to unravel you. A form of mental discipline is needed right now to help us focus on other things so we can create balance. Now is a good time for writing, re-creating your career, downsizing your material life, planting a garden, forgiving someone you couldn’t before, trying a new health regime. We need to stay grounded to NOT be triggered. The trigger will always fail us. Trust in yourself but know what these are. And when you feel yourself reacting, ask yourself, is this one of my triggers? If you can identify it, you can surpass it. And all this drama will soon be over. You will come out of it stronger than ever.

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