I was raised to think emotions were the least important thing. I had to work very hard at getting back to the way I was supposed to be, loving and open. But after a serious trauma I shut down again. When a colleague and friend gave me a few sessions of something like the emotion code in exchange for some healing massage I was truly amazed by them. I could literally feel the hardness inside my body as she released piece after piece, until I felt broken and raw. But the next morning, I felt revived and open and happy. Even before this happened I had already signed up to study the emotion code. I was looking for a way to use my gift of healing via long distance because I don’t live a regular life or a regular home. I travel and live outside of Canada for half the year. I didn’t know if the emotion code worked and I was skeptical but hopeful it could be something I could do energetically. And when I started using it via video i was surprised about how powerful the results were. This is something that can not be explained. And I was a skeptic myself. But believing is much better than not believing.

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