Cancelling the negative with the positive

How many things do you do every day because you feel like you have to? Lets start an inventory of the things that make you smile so intensely that nothing but joy is emitted from your very presence. You are in the light. It could be spending time with your children or other special people in your life. Maybe it’s extreme sports or other forms of exercise that make you feel incredibly alive. It could be the creative drive to paint or write music. Maybe you feel very peaceful in your garden, tending to your plants and growing your own food. Now lets do an inventory of what in your life drags you down, weakens your spirit, makes you feel trapped? Is it your day to day routine? Do you long for change? Is your home peaceful? Do you feel like you never have the time to do the things you want because life is too busy, too demanding? Do you remember when you forgot this is YOUR life? For every thing you don’t want to do, make sure you do something you do. Mindfully, regain control of your existence. Love life.

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