Finding Universal Love

When I talk about finding love, I don’t mean romantic love. Romantic love is beautiful but most often an illusion. Eckhart Tolle spoke about this in his book The Power of Now. He explained how people create fantasies to escape themselves in the same way some people use drugs to get high. The high doesn’t last that long because eventually we realize that the person is just a person with their imperfections, just like us. But what about universal love? Love for our fellow human beings? This is a selfless love. It is not derived from ego or greed or insecurity. We can connect with a love that is pure and add ours to that ethereal sphere. All of our purest values and feelings of harmony, kindness, compassion, authenticity, and peace need to be transmitted. Our thoughts and feelings affect everything. It is a discipline to not judge. It is spiritual practice to recognize evil and remove ourselves from it. And yes, sacrifices need to be made. And often there are no accolades. Why? Because it can be threatening to the people who aren’t ready yet. But we don’t need to change or convince anyone of anything. We only need to continue with our journey and know that we are making a difference. And If you feel alone, remember, just think about universal love and you will FEEL it and become part of it. Please look at my webpage at if you would like to read more about things like this.

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