Finding strength in Times of Crisis

Who am I now? In light of all these profound universal changes and challenges what would I do, if I only had a few more months to live? What do I need to be at peace and just accept everything as it is today? Who do I love? Who do I need to forgive? A simple virus, and perhaps other factors has made us more fearful and less trusting. In a sense, all of our individual freedoms have been temporarily stripped away in the name of the common good. What is affecting us most right now is the social media… where we get our information and people get to show their true selves, whether it is blaming and judging others, or even just trying to profit from other’s misfortune. Our sense of security as humans has been put in question. The corona virus has become more than a respiratory illness that can kill the most vulnerable. It has become a story that we all need to process and share. I feel sad for the people whose health is already compromised. I feel devastated for the countries who have suffered so many losses, and I feel angry at the selfish behaviours of those who have let their fears contaminate the common decency of caring and sharing with others. This is not the time for that. The test of humanity lies in how we have evolved. Do not let your fear consume you to the point of hurting your neighbour. Be responsible and do your best.

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