Finding your Way

Everyone talks about finding your path, being on your path. When you are messed up this seems inconceivable, unrealistic and impossible. First you have to trust yourself. And then, you have to trust the universe. There are layers of reality being played out in our sphere of life at all moments but if we are grasping, suffocating, reeling in pain, we can’t get there. Remember when you felt hopeful and confident that everything would be great? Take a moment and reflect on what that felt like. That is what we need. Hope and faith may seem like luxuries or ideals that are completely dismantled when life goes wrong, but it is exactly what we need to get to the next level.
And it starts with trusting yourself. That you know there is a reason you are here and you have a purpose, a mission to fulfill. In the name of humanity, you are perfect in all your imperfections and there are important things to do.
Without stress, without putting pressure on yourself, know that part of healing is believing things can be better, and believing in yourself. Know what makes you happy and do that! Focus on happiness as the goal, and not the prize. You deserve to be happy.

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