Giving up your freedom for someone else’s happiness

How how much freedom are you willing to sacrifice to make someone else happy? We have to make these decisions everyday even if we don’t think about it this way. Do something for ourselves. Do something for others. We navigate our lives seeking balance. We need to be connected and we can’t have everything our way, plus we need to also take responsibility for our own happiness. But sometimes we get trapped in an unconscious desire to fix something or someone, or we just can’t let go of a failing relationship. Giving and caring isn’t so simple. There may be something we are seeking in return, but we didn’t know it. But if you make a major sacrifice in the purest of ways for someone else and you don’t feel good about it afterwards, check in with yourself. This is a great learning experience. And using gratitude (theirs and yours) as your measuring stick you can be witness on a higher level as to whether you are strengthening your relationship or weakening it.

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