Healing the Wounds

You know where your wounds are. You can feel them lodged inside you, a hole, a rock, a piece of metal, an ache, a heaviness, a never ending sigh. And you probably know the things what makes these sensations worse: toxic relationships, self-defeating behavior, high levels of stress. And you recognize your self-soothing behaviors: keeping busy, avoiding intimacy, creating chaos, running away, drinking, doing drugs, over-eating, overuse of electronic devices. Like a late night party, these things on one level can relax us by giving us space to be in our own world, but they don’t provide a venue for emotional growth and healing. But it is true that relationships hurt and are disappointing and maybe you don’t feel you can afford very much. So lets just focus on the things going on inside you. Find a quiet place. Put your hand on your wound. Stay there until you can feel some sense of warmth and connection with it. Now you are going to channel all of your loving feelings into that place. Manifest feeling, and create that loving energy. Take what was stolen and give it back to yourself. If visualization is helpful, go further into your imagination and include a washing away of debris, a softening of defense, the creation of a new space filled with hope. Add another layer of goodness on top of the layer of pain. Remember yourself as you truly are.

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