A colleague of mine from many years ago, was recently killed in Hawaii. It was a hit and run. I really hope the person who struck him, despite their fear, is able to come forward and do the right thing, even though I am sure it was an accident. Irregardless, their life will never be the same. He or she is suffering now, as are his family, friends, colleagues, the street youth he dedicated years to serving at Dusk to Dawn, his students, acquaintances, and neighbours. My heart goes out to everyone who is suffering this incredible loss. He was a beautiful person, a Pure Heart. The spirit of Benito Segura is reminding me, as I struggle with my sadness, of principles that are incredibly important, to be real, to be honest, to be brave. His name translated actually means a Sure Blessing. His life and knowing him was a blessing for all of us. May we meet again one day Benito, on a different energetic plane, where there is no pain, only Love.

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