Loving yourself

How do we honor ourselves and others? How do we take care of ourselves in this world of getting and taking. We know there is more. Deep down, we know there is more. The trouble is that when we get too busy doing the usual day to day grind, we forget. And time goes by quickly. Our inner calling is still there but we don’t have the time and space to listen. To dream. Our dreams cannot become a reality if we have no time to nourish them. If we truly loved ourselves, we would carve out our truth with a sharper blade. And the carving would outline our passion and our truth, without fear of being called selfish. Women are taught to serve others. We are the caregivers. We are the helpers. This is not wrong. What is wrong is how others use this to further their own needs. We fill the cups of others and not ourselves. The challenge is getting back to ourselves. Let us not criticize others, for this creates pain. Let us just love ourselves enough to speak our truth, clear out the ruble, and energetically create a beautiful space ahead of us. The path of dreams, the kind we had when were young. And our eyes will shine again with hope as we become known for who we truly are.

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