ME TOO !!!!!

I remember when I was 20 and volunteering with a non-profit organization while I was a student.  A group of us went to visit Seniors who had no visitors at a nursing home. One of the men I visited who was probably  90 years old asked me for a hand job.  Meanwhile at the University there was an older man posing as an employee wandering the Hub at the Arts section of the University who had a few women he liked to follow, and I was one of them. I only realized there was something wrong when he got on the same bus as me one day  after class.  I avoided him after that. In between my degrees I waitressed at a Bistro where the manager constantly talked about my ass.  When I nicely asked him to stop, he just told me how much I loved the attention. Later, when I did my second degree I went one day in tears to consult with one of my favorite professors,  he saw how distraught I was and pulled my chair up to his so his legs were on either side of mine. He was someone I trusted and respected.  But my first experiences of being harassed by men began when I was thirteen and I had to deal with the husbands and boyfriends of the women I was babysitting for.  What life experience does a 13 year old girl have for dealing with those kinds of situations?  So when women say, ” the ME TOO movement just makes things worse for women because it makes us into victims….”  I don’t agree. Personally I feel hopeful and relieved for all the young women today that have a forum for discussion and support in a way I did not.   My sense of safety and personal security has been put in jeopardy my whole life.  Being a woman is not easy. I am grateful now because things seem to be getting  better, but maybe just  because I am older and tougher than I used to be 🙂


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