Never good enough

You are too hot… too cold…too friendly, not friendly enough, too confident, too awkward. You worry about not being thin enough, your breasts are too big and that attracts much unwanted attention. You are too ambitious, too dependent, you talk too much, you never say anything. You want sex all the time, you are frigid, you attract too much attention, you never want to go out. Why do women feel so inadequate? I remember only starting to have troubles getting along with others when I finally decided that I truly liked and respected myself. When I say troubles I don’t mean that I had arguments. What I mean is that suddenly other people seemed confused about who I was. I became confident and assertive and in my power as a healthy sexual being. Men were intimidated by me. Some women didn’t want me around because they couldn’t trust their boyfriends/husbands fidelity. This made me feel sad and alone but even more determined to continue on this journey of being O.K. If we have good intentions and gratitude for all the gifts life has given us, we can be free. The objectification of women does a lot of harm but it is up to us to not buy in. It sounds so silly to say, “just be a person”. But just be the person you are and know that is enough. If someone feels the need to belittle you or pressure you to be something else.. just say to yourself, “disengage”. It works miracles.

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