Only One thing at a Time

So you have become more conscious about moving away from negative energies and tapping into your own personal magic. We are more powerful than we think. Staying away from negative forces is crucial now, to rebuild a sense of hope and inspiration. Remember when we were young and everything felt like a dream that could come true? Maybe it feels like a long time ago now and many things have you feeling trapped. So when focusing on your third eye energy that I discussed in the previous blog, going to that place of insight and clarity, I want you now to think about the one thing you need in this world to feel truly happy. Obligations and half truths can easily keep us just a small distance away from what we need. But we can forget that this thing that we need is non-negotiable. This is a true test of our own determination and strength. It is also a test of our relationships with others. Choose one thing and practice focusing on it using your eyes as a form of meditation. Think of this truth sitting behind your eyes. It is always there. Calling you to action. It is the soul that needs to be heard. Your spirit that must be nutured. What needs to change so there are no obstacles?

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