Peace of Mind

Sometimes we really need to be alone. Totally alone. Pressures and expectations of others can be overwhelming. Add a little human tragedy on top and maybe some loss as well. We don’t have rituals to help us with this unless we develop them ourselves; people run, over-eat, work all the time, self-soothe with drugs and alcohol. What is it you do for yourself? How do you protect yourself from the people who can just chew you up, throw you off your centre, and put themselves to the front of the queue. What commitments have you made that impede your personal development. Our lifestyles and relationships need to help us with our stresses and make us feel loved and supported. We need peace of mind to function, focus, develop and deal. And we need to do the same for others. Our state of mind is one thing we actually have some control over. We must be conscious of not polluting our environment and the people who live there. We can make a difference with every action we take, every thought we hold in our secret world. And if peace is the goal, where do you start?

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