Mostly we live in our minds and yet we are still classified as animals. Since we don’t have to worry very often about being eaten by something bigger than ourselves, we like to think of the world as a safe place. However, there are humans we have every reason to be concerned about. I wish they had some identifying feature so we could see them in an instant and just know we had to get away. Our instinct or intuition can serve us well in certain situations, if we trust ourselves. There are people though that we are forced to interact with because of obligations or social circumstance. Even if we have an inkling of distrust, we have to navigate through these obstacles with confidence and grace. For a child or young person, this is not fair as they don’t have the life experience to have these skills. For an adult in the wrong place and time, there may be no options for safety either. Women naturally have to think about their personal safety and well-being. Even if a woman feels more secure with a man at her side, he isn’t always available. And so the parking space, the route home, the dark hallway, the empty house, the staying too late at a party…she has to have her safety sense ON. Predators tend to look for vulnerable prey but this isn’t always the case. There are people with anti-social personality disorder who thrive on a challenge. The mental manipulation is highly honed and they often are very attractive and charming. Since they lack empathy, the social codes that rule our behaviour are not significant. Child abuse, rape, and other forms of psychological torture of their victims, does not hold the same meaning. Beware. There are more people like this than we think, masquerading as normal people with a conscience. For those of you who have experienced this, you know exactly what I mean when I talk about predators. These are dangerous people that do harm and often are not held accountable because EVIL is not acknowledged in real life. No one wants to talk about that. We just go to the movies. And in the movies, good prevails.

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