Re-connecting with the Natural World

Nothing makes people more relaxed than a beautiful day in the great out-of-doors. For the people who make this a priority, you know what I mean. But not everyone is fortunate enough to live outside the city. Cities offer work and opportunities that many small communities do not. I know I made a lot of sacrifices to live in small beautiful places so I could feel a part of nature. But even so, I am a modern woman doing damage to the environment just like everyone else. It is the way we live. Even with natural disasters taking place all over the world, we just keep on going. LA LA LA . And I don’t think bringing your own plastic bag to the grocery store is really going to make much of a difference when everything we buy is pretty much wrapped in plastic already. But it is good to do something. Maybe if we weren’t so damaged ourselves, we would have more compassion for the world we live in. Maybe we just need to heal ourselves BEFORE we can heal the planet. And if we just disappeared, it wouldn’t be so bad anyways.
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