Self Defense

Its all about betrayal. That is where our triggers come from. Real or perceived, it doesn’t really matter. All experience is subjective and far from complete. So our truth leads us into danger. As we seek to resolve our childhood issues..there is still a landmine before us. Navigating without reaction is impossible when someone hits that spot through word or action. Then we do damage both to them, and ourselves as we lash out in a survival instict of sel defense. It can get messy and yet it can happen so quickly we can’t stop ourselves even though there may be a warning. Self preservation is paramount. And after things become calm and still we may be able to recognize a pattern. What was the betrayal that lead to this triggered reaction. Once you identify the issue at hand you can prepare yourself to not respond. At least until you have processed or asked the right questions or even just given the person the benefit of the doubt. Because trust is so important. Every time we lash out albeit in self defense. We destroy it. If you can go through your childhood experiences and know what hurt you most you can do your own analysis. Know your triggers. It is just self defense.

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