Strength in Uncertainty

Strength in uncertainty
The best laid plans broken, is how many of us have felt with the impact of COVID-19. As the foreigners fled the small Mexican village where I spend my winters, upon the urging of their home countries and concerned family members, the local tourist economy crashed, at least temporarily. Many of my friends and colleagues in Canada were the fortunate ones. With government jobs and the CERB assistance plan, we would get by, at least for now. As per usual, the impoverished were hit the hardest internationally by the restrictions, not that the global marketplace will ever give these people a fair chance anyway. As someone who does seasonal work I too have been in the process of downsizing, fortunately I was on this path already, but COVID-19 has made me even more determined than ever. To live simply, to follow my dreams. We are tested in these uncertain times to be present, kind, and real.

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