The Authentic You

We aren’t where we live. We aren’t how much money we make or what we studied at school. We are not who we married or who our friends are.  It’s true, there is pressure to think and feel this way.  Social pressures create compliance.  How often have you beat yourself up psychologically because you feel inadequate?   Maybe the challenge lies in building  a stronger sense of self with truth and kindness at the core.  Forgive yourself for your weaknesses and mistakes and follies and love yourself as you are. The current trend of self improvement really only reinforces the idea that there is something inherently wrong with us. And that we need to change to be worthy.  Worthy of what?  Where is the freedom in this kind of thinking.  How are we minimizing the lives of ourselves and others by buying in to just another mode of shaming each other. Put your judgments aside. Speak your truth.  Share your feelings. Be yourself.

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