The Grind

People get sick, literally, from the grind. Its happening all around us. Does it even need to be defined? The thing that takes you away from yourself, your loved ones, and all the things that truly matter. It could be commuting for four hours a day in traffic to get to and from work. It could be a job where you never get enough time to recuperate from the stress of it. For many women the grind entails just too many responsibilities for too many people to keep the family functioning. People are having to think and do and be at a speed that is not natural or healthy for us as humans. It’s like we forgot we are still a part of the animal kingdom and need to be very much connected to the natural world. If we cut ourselves off from this, we cut ourselves off from ourselves and others. We can go on vacations, or retreats, or meditate and go to yoga classes. We can read self-help books, go for therapy or maybe just drink too much every day after work. Or, we could just say enough already. What would it look like if we started going at a natural speed, connected to the natural world? Imagine a simple vacation that lasted forever. Yes there are things that need to be done, but not in a hurry. Imagine lots of time to do things. Imagine creativity and joy along the way. What is your natural rhythm? What if we all decided not to go against ourselves and the natural world? What if we said no to all forms of exploitation and abuse? What are we willing to give up to live in a more natural world and how are we currently contributing to the trauma and exploitation to others? Who is suffering so I can live? Call me or email me if you want to explore this with the emotion code.

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