The importance of listening

Things have sped up a lot with technology. Are we becoming like machines ourselves? When are things still and peaceful? Once we succumb to the pressures of an increasingly rapid pace, can we actually connect and hear each other truly? Where is the pause, the silence, the space to just be. Most often we multi-task, grab this and go there and it’s a race against time. Time seems to own us. It is our master and our lives are no longer our own. And because of this, our capacity for relationships diminishes substantially. How can we help and support each other when we are lost and trapped by time? Who listens to you when you really need help? Our capacity to hear the words and feel the meaning behind them is greatly hindered by a world that won’t allow us to stay grounded. People long for escape, from their own lives and themselves. Instead of life being a daily celebration, we look to the future and hope things will be different. But we could resist, choose something different, and fEEL differently. We know what our normal healthy pace is. We can stay healthy.There is nothing inherently selfish about needing to take care of yourselves in demanding environment. You can say “NO”. We can create energetic space that nutures us. What if that was the expectation instead of the exception? What if we took the time for each person and each task that presented itself? What if we refused to rush? Well if this was to happen I know we would start listening to each other. Listening creates openness, a sacred space. And this is where healing lies. In the connection of openness, there is an invitation for love and caring.

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