The Law of Attraction

There is a book called Law of Attraction by Michael J. Losier, that is an instructional guide on manifesting our dreams and goals. It is a very interesting concept that we energetically shape our realities with our thoughts. Certainly we have all had experiences where we have seen it happen. I find it helpful to neutralize my energy field in situations where I am having negative energy imposed on me. Neutralizing disarms people. Not putting any energy out, when confronted with toxicity, works really well. If you don’t know how to neutralize your energy field, you can just say something to yourself like “dis-engage” to cut the energetic cord. Practice this and observe the difference. Once you can dis-engage from toxicity, you can break old patterns. You can also dis-engage from your negative thoughts. Sometimes we are the ones doing harm to ourselves. We continue where others left off. Then when you are ready, practice dis-engaging and sending out positive energy simultaneously to the world around you, and within you. By changing your energetic field you will attract the major life changes you need to grow and heal.

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