The Layers of Grief

We carry our grief within us in layers. Layer upon layer, we have to put the rest of our life on top and carry on like good little soldiers. There is little room, little space to share, little time to be heard and receive nurturing through our healing process. It’s uncomfortable. No one knows what to say or do and so we feel alone even when we aren’t. The message is clear. You can feel badly for a little while and then “chin up!” as if there was something wrong with feelings. Is it because we trigger the grief of others by expressing our own? Why is it so difficult to just sit with someone and share their space in sadness for awhile? Maybe it just isn’t in style to be sad. Look at all those happy people in the media that surround us today. Just buy yourself a brand new very expensive car. Get some botox and bigger breasts. Take some selfies and present your life as this fabulous adventure. Fake unfortunately seems more fashionable than ever. Being real is much much harder. Do it anyway.

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