The New Connection

Its seems many pleasurable things in life can be used to enhance our human experience or destroy us. With the technology we have at our fingertips today, it becomes increasingly more plausible to create a false reality for ourselves and others. Its a never ending high school type facade of popularity, excitement and vanity. For some, its just part of the job. many jobs require people to use computers. For others it can become a form of slavery and/or an addiction. The important thing really is just to be able to turn it off. Turn off the computer, turn off the phone and remember that these will never be your greatest moments. It’s just a trick of trying to fill the void that will never get full. Texting will never feel satisfying like a good conversation. Netflix won’t help you make new friends. And if you spend too much time on the computer, it will literally suck your soul out and deplete your ethereal body. We have to work at connection in the modern world. Getting out and sharing experiences is essential to our well-being. Being in nature, being creative, looking into the eyes of strangers, doing random acts of kindness, being your authentic beautiful self, all of these things will feed the soul. We need to participate and we need to express things that matter. What matters to you?

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