The third eye and finding joy

Much has been written about the third eye or the ajna brow chakra. Higher consciousness, enlightenment, out of body experiences, psychic abilities and other phenomena are associated with this chakra energy centre. I want to share something very practical with you about accessing this energy source for healing. To begin this practice it is best if you are alone, somewhere quiet, walking in nature surrounded by natural light. You put attention on your eyes. As you concentrate on your eyeballs you will notice an energy shift. This is very powerful. It gives you direction and complete mental clarity. After you have mastered that, you can then focus on your eyelids. Focus on both of them at the same time. Remarkably it feels as though joy is hidden there. It was tucked away and you never knew it. Now you are naturally moving into the third eye. Concentration has balanced your brain hemispheres and stimulated the pineal gland. Mental clarity is activated. Feelings of joy and euphoria are activated and the result is sense of universal connection which supercedes all else.

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