The Words that can not be spoken

Many women choose not to go to counselling even though they are suffering emotionally from traumatic events.  The words can not be spoken.  It hurts too much to say them. Even years and years later, it still hurts too much.

In most of the sessions I do the women don’t share specifically what happened. I don’t need to know.  I feel the emotions and clear them. What happens shortly thereafter is a shift in energy for the women who have been suffering. Often they feel tired right after the session but then the next day much lighter and happier. They feel the shift in their lives and this affects everything.   It can help with addictions and other self -harming behaviours.  It can help with depression, grief and anger.  It helps with formulating healthier relationships.

The emotion code is a way to bypass unnecessary additional suffering. No one needs to re-live horrible memories by speaking the words that can not be spoken.

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