Values, Abundance and Notre Dame

How do we value ourselves? Some people say if you don’t have much money then you obviously don’t value yourself. I don’t know where this came from.  There is also a strange belief that we can  create wealth by just thinking about it.  I have yet to see this  produce significant results.  Usually it is more about opportunity, education, hard work and good decisions. Sometimes,  it’s about having connections with people who want to help.  But I would prefer to talk about values in the sense of  how you value yourself as a person. Because that is where the magic is.  Maybe you are rich in talent or knowledge or understanding. Maybe you value yourself because you overcame abuse and understand the concept of right action. Maybe you value yourself because you know you are a good friend or a great mom.   Of course we need to take care of ourselves and provide. A sense of security and belonging are essential to our well-being. But the concept of abundance has become a trend for people worried about money.  Abundance is so much more than that.  It is an energetic concept that defies our material reality.   People may want to use it that way but I feel it is dismissing its true purpose. If we want to experience the world in all of it’s rich layers of obscurity we first need to stop creating false dichotomies.  For example, what does the Notre Dame fire have to do with starving children in Africa. These are two completely separate issues.   Facebook is full of arguments like this. Projecting our  fears and limitations on to others is in direct opposition to abundance. Does that mean we need to ignore the starving masses of the world? Of course not. But lets not get into who and what matters more. Human lives matter. Art matters, so does history.  And people respond generously to natural disasters because we want to make a difference and someone is asking for help only once. Isn’t it wonderful that people want to help? Some problems feel so big that we feel powerless to make a difference. It doesn’t mean that we don’t care.   Valuing ourselves and others creates abundance, naturally. In a million ways.

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