We are all healers

I can call myself a healer. But in a world of tasks and worry, it doesn’t seem so important. Yet I feel very eternally grateful that I found my path. Regardless of what happens and who recognizes me, I have found peace in knowing I have a gift and I am not lost in this world. I know too, that we are all healers. I dream of a day when this will be our primary purpose; helping each other be our best. When it would be normal to just give and care and know we are all taken care of. And I feel sad that this is not the world we live in. That there is so much pain, exploitation, and selfishness. We hurt each other and we have done irreparable damage to our planet. Maybe this is the perfect time to re-invent ourselves into the healers we are and need to be. Take a few minutes to feel energy through prayer by placing your hands together, relish in the natural world we can still enjoy and protect, meditate or practice yoga. Leaving the critical mental realm that limits and betrays us, will only take us to a better place.

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