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It’s not easy to talk about feelings. I was raised in a military family where feelings weren’t important. Deep down I knew this wasn’t true, but still I was programed into negating them. I remember telling my mother many years ago that I couldn’t work for the government as a social worker. There were too many injustices and it made me unhappy. She said “sometimes you just need to put your feelings aside”. I remember replying that “actually happiness was very important to me.”

Now I am practicing the emotion code after years of doing healing work with my hands. What I like about this approach is that it isn’t focused on talking or remembering pain. It is energy work that releases emotional blockages. Repressed memories can stay repressed but the negative energy is gone. It is a completely different approach to healing and I believe that some day we will all be healing each other.

I realize now, that every feeling and every thought we have, affects those around us and even those far away. If we work as conscious beings, living to help others, we can create a world that is safe and loving. There are no limits to healing with love.

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  1. By sharing your story, you are helping and inspiring others all around you. You are responsable for your words & actions, and those, create long lasting impacts who will bring people to be more connected and ground in a World of peace and freedom. Muchas Gracias Amiga.

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