Who are WE victimizing ?

It’s easy to point the finger. To see the wrong. Yes we have all been hurt, devastated, disappointed. But who are WE hurting? How conscious are we about the damages incurred every day from our actions, our words, our lifestyles, our ambition? We could start with the planet, which is dying. We could acknowledge that we do very little about it and we will die because of it. And so there will be justice in the end. Probably though, the rich will die last. The first to go will be the poorest countries with many hardships already. Countries where people work for almost nothing to provide us with many of our daily comforts.  People notice and reward us in various ways for the nice things we have, as though there was nothing wrong with it.  Let’s just celebrate other people’s suffering by showing off.  I am sorry,  but capitalism is mean, and with the global economy, maybe meaner that ever.  The people who can’t or don’t want to compete are used and crushed into oblivion. I see it every day. 

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