Women betraying Women

In a perfect world women would stand by each other. A mother would protect her child no matter what. A mother would believe her daughter if she had the courage to come forward and say she was abused. But sometimes she doesn’t. Maybe she was abused herself and can not deal with her own old trauma. Maybe she has no money and can’t pay the bills. Maybe she is so downtrodden herself in her relationship that she has lost her voice and with it, her courage. The courage to do the right thing. It seems so simple, especially in the eyes of a child or adolescent who doesn’t yet know what selling out is or giving up.
And the message is, this other person for whatever reason is much more important than you. Don’t expect me to do anything about it. Maybe the girl is even blamed for what happened. But often, nothing is said because there is a knowing deep down. A knowing that nothing will change and it will just be more horrible than it already is. And the soul begins to die a little. But it is a way to salvage something. Something in one’s self. Maybe the force isn’t the same but something remains that is good and true. And this person knows that she will Never do this to her daughter. That is the promise. And that is where the cycle of abuse stops and the healing begins.

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